Bar stools, there are many types of stools and chairs. Stools, which are usually higher than normal stools and chairs, consist of a leg part made of metal, wood and many different materials and a body part made of plastic, wood and metal materials. Bar stool manufacturers can be found in the market, which appeals to every customer base with quite a lot of color and pattern options. Stools, which are very popular with their solid and beautiful appearance, are being loved more and more every day. Their usefulness is attractive to everyone. Apart from this, there is a section of people who think that they are not comfortable. Using these chairs, especially with high heels, can be uncomfortable and difficult in some cases.

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Back Stool Chrome Leg


Backed Stool Plastic Leg


Backless Stool Chrome Leg


Backless Stool Plastic Leg


Clover Wheeled Bar Stool